Grey Eyes in stores now!

13 Oct

Grey Eyes in stores now!

After what seems like forever, our album Grey Eyes hit stores yesterday. Click here to buy online from us/our label Boompa, or here to get from iTunes. We played a show in Vancouver on Saturday, performing most of the album with our current 10-piece lineup — 6 horns and no guitars. It was a wonderful experience to finally play our new songs and to have the record available for our friends to take home. There are photos and a review of the show up on Guttersnipe. Everyone from Boompa was there, and Todd Simko our producer was there too, and labelmates Colleen and Paul opened along with our new friends the Wind Whistles.

October 9th at the Biltmore

27 Sep

October 9th at the Biltmore

We are back from our Canadian tour with Yo Gabba Gabba. Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, London and Ottawa. DJ Lance and all the cast are our new besties. In other news, our album release show is coming up on October 9th at the Biltmore in Vancouver (sorry everywhere else, no tour dates to announce yet). Tickets are now on sale at Red Cat and Zulu and online here. Colleen and Paul and the Wind Whistles are opening. They are hot awesome. It’s an early show, so doors are at 8pm.

Kid Songs ready to go!

20 Aug

We’ve taken the 2 songs we recorded for Yo Gabba Gabba plus 4 more songs that we had recorded in the past couple of years, and put them together to make Kid Songs. A 4-song version of Kid Songs will be available digitally at iTunes, etc. but if you want “I’m So Happy” and “Be Nice To Animals” you’ll need to pick up a copy.

The EP will be available right here and offstage at the YGG shows we’re playing.

Thank you Sasha Lewis for drawing all the monsters and animals.


  1. I’m So Happy
  2. Be Nice To Animals
  3. All My Friends Are Different
  4. Count On My Hands
  5. Have A Nap Mom
  6. I Love My Cat
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